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The Ultimate Checklist For Preparing Your Home For Photos by Hapi Photography

Preparing to sell your home can be super stressful and exhausting, but the good news is it doesn't need to be! Simply follow this checklist to prepare your home for real estate photos, taking all the stress and worry away from the process.

What To Know:

  • Be prepared to reschedule photoshoots or visits if the weather takes a turn for the worst. You cannot fly drones and get good footage if the weather is bad, and the lack of natural sunlight won’t allow your home to be shown off in the best way possible.

  • We rarely take photos of inside your garage unless its requested. Hide your items in your garage.

  • Be ready to leave your home for a few hours. Especially if you have pets or children, it can be distracting for a photographer to work while you’re all there. Leaving the space unoccupied will ensure that you get the most out of your photographs.

  • Tell the photographer how to lock up by online or in person. Usually, when a photographer is finished, they will let the Realtor who scheduled the shoot know, but if you won’t be home, leave the photographer instructions telling them how to lock up when they leave if needed.

Marketing your home is a real vital part of the selling process, and it begins with great preparation. If you follow the items on this checklist, then your home will be ready for the photographer, allowing them to make the most of their time and talent, perfectly showcasing your home and achieving the best results of the sale of your home.

Interior Instructions

1. Lights

Make sure that all your lights work, including ceiling lights, lamps, and exterior lights. Ensure that you turn all the lights on, so the house is shown off in the best way possible! Replace all broken light bulbs with matching bulbs. If possible, have all lights on for your photography appointment.

2. Rugs, Shoes, Jackets and Robes

Tidying away any shoes, jackets that are on coat racks or rugs on the floor will remove further distraction from potential buyers. Examples Front Entrance/Bathrooms/Kitchens. If buyers can see items on the floor, they may think that the home lacks storage space, so putting away all your jackets and shoes is an easy fix for this.

3. Windows

Clean all your windows internally and externally if possible. As well as this, you should open all your shades and curtains to let in as much light as you can, which will really demonstrate the natural beauty in your home. Remove any plants, photo frames or decorations on all windowsills.

4. Kitchen

You want buyers to be able to imagine themselves in the kitchen, so clearing the counters completely makes it feel less cluttered and the buyer can more easily envision their own items there. Remove everything from the countertops, leaving a few decorative items, and clean all the surfaces, including your appliances, sink, and backsplash.

5. Bathroom

To make the space seem larger, put all your items (think shampoo bottles, razors, oral cares and soaps) out of sight. Just leave some clean, neatly folded towels on the towel rack and make sure to clean all the surfaces. Again, you want prospective buyers to be able to imagine their own decorations and products in the bathroom.

6. Decorations

Although you may be attached to your furniture and decorations, removing bulky items can open the floor space and make your home look much larger. As well as decorations and furniture, consider removing floor mats and runners, as they can also make the space seem smaller. Another step that is commonly forgotten is the removal of magnets and notes from your refrigerator as well as calendars and other personal items in your home, like photos. This will help your home look much tidier and will prevent the public from seeing any personal information and allow them to visualize themselves in the house.


7. Screens and Ceiling Fans

Turning off computer and TV screens as well as anything else that moves, such as ceiling fans, will help the photos of your home look much better. 

8. Bedroom

Firstly, ensure that all the beds are made and decorated with matching sheets, pillowcases and blankets and perhaps add some decorative pillows too. Make sure that the bedding you use fits the bed correctly. Secondly, clear your nightstands of all clutter, such as prescription bottles, books, tissues, sleep machines, etc.. Try leaving a lamp and something decorative to make the space look clean and welcoming.

9. Pets

Not everyone has or likes pets, and some people are even allergic to them. It is important that your home shows no signs of pets, particularly pet related smells. You may be used to your pets' things being in the house, or the smell of your pets, so try asking a neutral person to come and give you an honest opinion. For tips on making house smell better ask your realtor.

Exterior Instructions

1. Front Yard

We all know that first impressions are vital, so make sure that your front yard is cleaned up, including clearing leaves away and trimming any landscaping.

2. Porch/Patio/Deck

Particularly in the Fall time, leaves often accumulate on porches, so before people see your home, you should sweep any outdoor decking areas clean and remove any clutter. You may want to stage the area with flowers or decorations that will create a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere.

3. Driveway

Make sure you remove any cars, trucks, RVs or trailers from the house’s driveway or the street in front of the house. If possible, ask your neighbors to move their cars too so the road looks quiet and appealing. Make sure to have all cars are off your driveway for your photography appointment.

4. Garbage Cans & Lawn Equipment

It can be very distracting to see large garbage cans or lawn equipment. To avoid this, simply put your garbage cans and any yard maintenance tools in the garage. Be sure to tidy away toys and pet items that are on your lawn too! We rarely take photos of inside your garage unless its requested. Hide your items in the garage.

5. Outdoor Cookers

You want to really show off your home, and that includes any outdoor cookers. Remove any covers so that they are exposed and ready for use to give your prospective buyers a taste of what it might be like to live in the house – sell the lifestyle!

6. Patio Umbrellas

If you have a patio umbrella and the weather will allow it, open the umbrella and dust off the chairs to highlight what an inviting space your garden is.

Further Questions

Always a pleasure to hear from you. Contact us anytime.


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