Wedding Photography


Cutting-Edge Wedding Imagery We Make Weddings Truly Shareable

Hansen Aerial Photography & Inspections, LLC is proud to offer our wedding and event clients something intangible but absolutely essential: Peace of mind. We have taken stress completely out of the equation. Booking an appointment directly online is easy. Simply schedule the date and time, then select the Pay Now or Pay Later options. Our highly trained professional photographers are standing by to beautifully capture every meaningful moment of your wedding or next event. 

All Wedding/Event packages are ready to share as early as the very next day, offering you a heartfelt way to say “Thank You” with guests and share your memories with all. The cost below includes travel and editing. You own the rights to all media and may use it as you wish. View our wedding portfolio to see our latest wedding video and wedding photography creations. 


Big wedding photography companies hire us to do their job!

Upon request, your video can be available next day and ready to share online with your friends, family, and guests.

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