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Remembering Our First Aerial Wedding Job... Who was more nervous?

It was in early May 2017 and I new it was a Big Day for my clients who have been together as high school sweet-hearts. I wanted to make sure that this special day was memorized for life by my work. I knew that I had one shot, I had to make the very first impression the best impression because there was no way I would ask them to get married again so I can retake my photography and videos.

I woke up that morning feel determined that not only are these two people who hired me wanted the best outcome, but I was excited to deliver it to them. This couple was blessed with blue skies and just a perfect amount of cumulus cloud cover. My 5 batteries have been charged the night prior and I was on the 60 minute drive to the wedding destinations in Chicago Area, Illinois. I was scheduled to be there by noon, but arrived at 11 am and decided to get a grasp of the event grounds.

I have done some fly overs in some of the special spots to get a great view of what I was dealing with. Time was ready, they needed Hansen Aerial Photography & Inspections to start the show. As the ground photographer was taking ground photographs of the couple, there guest and family. I would be directing the them at the same time when it as my turn. When I was not needed, I would take the drone 200 ft above ground level to reduce the noise of the ground photographers shoots.

While the drone is on autopilot 2oo feet above the scene, I would direct the Bride and Groom as well as the wedding party and guest to a certain position, assuring me once I turn auto pilot off, I can adjust the altimeter drop the the drone closer to theses Magical Photographs we put together. Certain examples of photographs are shown on our business web page. Hearts, X's and O's, Circles and Much More we can do. The skies the limit with HAPI!

Overall Status: Customer was ecstatic on how we acted as professionals at the wedding. They told our group that they were more excited about the video than anyone else they hired that day. They tell me to this day, that the Professional Filmed and Edited video still puts goose bumps and tear to there eyes.

That was a Great Day Hansen Aerial Photography & Inspections

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