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Is It Safe To Fly Your Drone In Cold Snowy Weather?

The answer is yes. You can fly a drone in these cold types of weathers. There is always a "but" though... many factors you will need to know about flying in cold temperatures.

Flying a drone in the cold can tire you device very quickly. Take your cell phone and put it outside in freezing temperatures on full battery. A phone that would usually last a least a half a day on stand-bye mode would die outside in the cold in about 1 hour. The drone is the very same way. Always take 2/3 of normal flight time off in the super cold temperature. Basically know the cold messes with the chemical reaction in all types of batteries including your drone.

Cold weather will mess with your barometric pressure to keep your device at the right elevation. Also it will mess with your safety sensors. Cold hands will make it really unpleasant to fly and capture those perfect shots.

Things to also know:

Always keep your batteries warm before flight once charged to 100%. If you just pack them where its cold it will lose energy and possibly will not work when you need it.

Most good drones you can check your battery temperature in flight. Make sure it does not go below 60 degrees. The batteries will naturally heat up while in flight. It's always good to have an inventory of batteries if your flying in the cold season.

Hope this helps and Have a Great New Years 2018!

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