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How To Fly a Drone Indoors

Flying a drone can be easy to some and difficult to others. While flying indoors always keep caution. Big problems could be high air flow, not enough lighting and of course the infamous losing connection with your drone in results damaging your device.

First off, always make sure the area your flying in is clear of any debris that can fly into your devices. Anything that can cause something to fly into your drone remove at the time of flight.

If filming indoors: Key rule is all shades open and all light turned on. This can assure you that you will get the brightness and contrast exact while in the editing phase of your project. If there are any kind of fans or automatic fan units you may want to temporary turn those off while flying.

A big cause of an accidents while flying indoors is that the connection can become unstable and in fact if you were to lose connection with your drone it may want to fly back to home spot as it has be trained to do. If this happens your drone will want to climb before returning to the original take off location. Get ready because when this happens you will have no other option but to watch your drone crash into the ceiling and come down in many useless parts. Always turn you UAS option to hover mode indoors, this way if it does by chance lose connection, it will remain in hover mode and not go home mode.

BIGGEST FAIL, never fly to high to the ceiling. Always keep a 24"-30" gap between the ceiling and your drone. If you get to close to the ceiling there will be no air for the drone to use to stay a lift. If you get to high to the ceiling, be prepared for a crash to happen.

Instead of flying indoors, Hire Us to do the work for you! We have never lost a drone or crashed. Knock on wood would you?

This is a tip you should know about flying indoors from Hansen Aerial Photography & Inspections.

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